Root Veggie and Cous Cous Bowl (V)

Root Veggie and Cous Cous Bowl (V)

This is one of my favorite easy lunches which is perfect for packed lunch since it’s as good cold as it is warm. I’ts vegetarian, healthy and cheap as well as super tasty!


For 2 servings I used:

  • 2 carrots
  • 1 small parsnip
  • 2/3 cup uncooked couscous, preferably wholegrain, same taste but better for you
  • 1/3 pomegranate (save the rest for breakfast tomorrow)
  • Tofu (optional)
  • 2-3 tablespoons pumpkinseeds, roasted if you like (or sunflower, or a mix!)
  • salt and pepper
  • oil ,any vegetable oil suitable for heating will do

Start with peeling the veggies (if they look nice i usually just rinse them, because┬áseriously who has the time to peel everything) and cut them in to batons. Put them om an oven tray, sprinkle some oil and salt and pepper and roast for about 20 minutes at 200 degrees celsius. In the meantime hit the seeds (yes literally) out of the pomegranate and be sure to not wear anything else but black because the stains won’t come out. I know. I have already tried it for you.┬áPut the cous cous in a saucepan and pour enough boiling water to just cover them and cover with a lid (or plate if you can’t find a fitting lid). If you want tofu to go with to add some more protein now would be the time to prepare it, I fried it golden in a frying pan. Personally I like the dish better without the tofu, but it makes it mor sturdy.

Mix it all together in a bowl and eat!

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